Reorganising, strengthening or building your team then making this team effective as cohesive unit.

It is all well and good to have a fantastic plan with all the activities scheduled in a perfect Gantt chart but this will not deliver your project. People deliver projects and you will need a team of the right individuals to make your project a success.

We are experts at team building. This expertise comes from sound management theory based on Bruce Tuckman’s first proposal on group development in 1965 backed up by hands on experience of working with diverse teams across multiple sectors.

For a project to be successful the delivery team must obviously have the right range of skills and expertise. What is far more important is that this group of individuals works as a coherent unit towards a common goal. This is achieved by strong leadership and a clear understanding of the psychology of team working. This is regularly overlooked or dismissed but it is fundamental to the delivery of projects.

Remember, plans don’t deliver projects, people do.

With the right plan, right approach and right people you can deliver.  JE can ensure this success.