Strategic Consultancy

We work closely with you and your team to unltimately deliver real results.

We can provide top level consultancy to advise you on any aspect of your project from a management perspective. 

Our approach is underpinned by a straightforward and tested methodology of delivering projects. This starts with understanding the requirements, mapping the stakeholders, setting out the scope in plans and schedules, getting the team right then pushing hard on the delivery whilst managing the risks and the costs. We don’t believe this is rocket science but is all too often neglected in project management. In particular, projects frequently miss the importance of being systematic about the steps. Our methodology ensures the discipline of project delivery.

Duncan Jackman, our Principal Consultant, has a track record of successfully delivering major projects associated with electronic systems is a wide variety of business sectors. There are hands on techniques and insights that simply cannot be taught in a textbook or learned on an MBA course. 

A combination of thorough process and management theory blended with the realities of tough project experience puts us in a perfect position to consult to you regarding your own projects. This can be as much or as little as you want. You will be provided with advice and you will benefit from having an external and experienced viewpoint. Many of our clients have expressed a sense of comfort at having a second opinion from an unbiased outsider who has no agenda and can speak plainly about problems and the causes of problems.

A typical starting point would be a project healthcheck. This is a deep review of your project with a written report. This might lead to specific interventions that you may wish us to assist with.

Remember, all our project managers are technically qualified in electronic systems and therefore you will be getting practical input and not just theoretical management consultancy. If you have a troubled project or you have concerns over the strategic direction of any of your projects please contact us.

Project Examples