Stakeholder Map

A graphical representation of all the players associated with the project. A multi-dimensioned chart showing links and dependencies.


Most companies and project teams will draw out a flat organisation chart. This is fine to gain a simple understanding of reporting structure within a small group of people. However, complex projects don’t work in 2 dimensions when it comes to stakeholders.

We will assist you in mapping the stakeholder terrain. This will result in a graphical representation of all parties involved in your project. It will consider:

  • Government
  • Public bodies
  • Statutory authorities
  • Client
  • Consultants to client
  • Contractors
  • 3rd party organisations
  • Suppliers
  • Users
  • Maintainers

It will then pick out key individuals within these stakeholder groups and show the relationships between them all.

This is a particularly powerful tool in the project delivery toolkit.  You have to know who you’re dealing with.