Identification and management of risks to your project or business.

Risks are unwanted events that haven’t yet occurred.

We use a solid theoretical approach to risk management backed up by an instinct for spotting risky behaviours that should be avoided. Risk management is essential in any business enterprise and project. The process is straightforward but seldom practiced effectively. We will work with you to identify risks and then analyse them to determine which risks are too great and must be eliminated versus those that can be mitigated with actions in advance.

The strength in our process is that we ensure that the risk action plan is actually carried out. Surprisingly, this is the part that companies often miss out. It’s a horrible feeling to hear a project team say “We thought that might happen….rats!”.  It’s much better to hear “We thought that might happen…..glad we put plan B in place in advance”

We link risk management very closely to cost management since they ultimately have the same adverse outcome if left to chance.

Does your project’s success depend on the roll of a dice?