Full and detailed text document(s) that describe how the project will be delivered.

One of the most common misconceptions in project management is the difference between a plan and a schedule. It is made more complex by numerous interchangeable nomenclature such as:


Our methodology uses the term plan for a text document and schedule for the Gantt Chart that shows activities on a timeline.

The need to plan is essential for the success of any project. The scope of the job must be understood and then translated into a set of activities. The text plan then sets out how these activities will be achieved. It will discuss the resources needed to accomplish the activities and in particular the methodology to be employed.

Plans are usually produced in a hierarchical fashion with a top level delivery plan followed by lower level plans for each main element of the delivery.

Jackman Enterprises is expert in the production of plans. This task is so often overlooked on projects. This is disappointing, because the planning process itself de-risks the project and gives the team a far better understanding of the job.