Mentoring And Coaching

There are many projects which are up and running but are at risk due to inexperience or lack of confidence within the project management team. We can help by working alongside your existing staff and coaching them through the more challenging aspects of your project. This has many benefits as it progresses your project and develops your staff at the same time.

We have delivered this service to a range of clients who are trying to solve two problems at once and are struggling. Their project manager doesn’t have all the skills or level of experience needed for the project plus the project is running into difficulties. These two problems may be linked or not.

The solution is to embed a prject management professional into your team as a mentor and coach to your project manager. This leaves your manager fully in charge but provides a helping hand and a source of guidance. Experience shows that this allows the confidence to grow which is often all that is missing.

The bonus of this approach is that gets your manager through a difficult situation unharmed and ready to complete a similar challenge on their own. If you want to invest in your staff

Of course, the alternative is to remove the struggling individual which might solve one problem but does nothing to build for the future and will have a very demoralising effect on the individual.

Our coaching and mentoring can be applied to your whole team in the form of workshops and seminars which can be classed as teaching sessions where the subject is your own project.

Your team will not be disturbed by the introduction of outsiders since they will know that they are still in charge and the appointment is temporary.

Project Examples